Stars and Stripes

This spring and summer I’ve brightened up my wardrobe by including stars. From patchwork on shoes to studs in my leather jacket, there is not enough places to put these night time beauties. They instantly add edge to jeans and a shirt, or give my look a more festival vibe.

My favorite way to pair my star studded leather jacket is with my two toned denim jeans. A trend that I’ve seen all over Instagram, magazine and store fronts, this new style of denim is the perfect way to dress up the simple jeans and a t-shirt. It can also take you from casual Friday at the office to happy hour with friends, which is always great for me since I don’t live in the city and carrying a spare bag of clothes at a bar isn’t a cute look… What I’m most excited about is to mix this denim with wedges, floral tops, and crop tops this summer and for my upcoming trip to Miami!


Even though stars and two-toned denim are a trend and will soon  fade from clothing stores racks, I try to find pieces that I can move along my wardrobe for a couple of a seasons. I’ll always need an extra pair of jeans and a leather jacket never goes to waste. Rule of thumb for me: if I don’t love it now, I won’t love it in 6 months. So while trends are fun to try, however, when it comes to purchasing them I try to buy pieces that will make more than just a guest appearance. Finding new styles and trends and getting interesting pieces is a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh! But for the girl on a budget who just wants a quick fix, my go to places are Zara, Urban Outfitters and H&M.



Free People jeans, Marc Fisher sneakers and Sunset + Spring jacket.

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