Adult Snow Day

Do you remember in school getting snow days? From elementary, middle, high school to college, snow days never lost their magic. With pre-bedtime rituals of putting a frozen spoon under your pillow to wearing your pajamas inside out and dancing in front of the window (guilty of this – but it worked so no regrets), my friends and I would go to extreme lengths to make sure we wouldn’t have to face another day of our school responsibilities.

In elementary school, my brother and I would wake up early to go ring my neighbors’ doorbells asking them if they wanted to come play in the snow. High school snow days consisted of sleeping in, sitting around watching television, and forcing my mother to drive me to my friends houses in blizzard conditions. But the best snow days were in college when I’d wake up at 5 a.m. to check President Loh’s Twitter account to see if school was canceled. If so, then proceeding to drink cheap alcohol in the backyard of a frat house and nearly freezing to death.

Now being out of school and in the work force, snow days have taken on a whole new meaning – sleeping in and working from home. My 10 year old self would probably be angry with me for not frolicking in the snow, however, my 22 year old self is perfectly content to stay in my pajamas all day and getting paid for doing so. It’s not so much about avoiding responsibility, it’s more avoiding the sound of your alarm clock ringing at 6 a.m. to go sit on a train.

My snow day consisted of laying in bed, catching up on laundry, doing work for my boss, eating home cooked food, and watching television. That might sound really lame and “adult” of me, however, with student loan payments going through next week and my liver still recovering from last weekend, there is no place I’d rather be.

With the roads closed and mom’s home made chili on the stove, home is the best place to be on a snow day. Now, if you’d excuse me, I have 15 seconds until the next episode of Stranger Things plays and I need to refill my chili bowl…see ya Monday!

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