Winter Layers

Now that the holidays are over and the weather is only getting colder, having a warm outer layer is a must. Commuting from Long Island to New York City every week requires waiting on the station platform and walking twelve blocks to my office. During the winter months, this trek can often feel like a quick trip to the Arctic Pole.

Having an entry-level salary and student loan payments starting this month, there is little to no room for shopping sprees. However, investing in a classic coat and a pair of warm gloves can keep you cozy for years to come.

One of my favorite coat brands that I can always find at fraction of its pricey tag is Andrew Marc. From the perfect pea coat to a fur trim puffer, there is a coat for every climate and personal style.



Last Christmas I was very lucky to be gifted a Burberry coat. A true classic and a wardrobe staple, it’s hard to leave the house without it. It is a coat that I know I’ll have for five to ten plus years. The timeless black trench is sure to enhance any winter wardrobe.

These coats keep me warm while walking the NYC streets. However, when I’m texting, snapchatting, or scrolling through Instagram I feel my fingers going numb in the brutal winter air. Frozen fingers and traditional gloves cause my phone to not recognize my touch. To solve this millennial problem, designers have started to redesign glove styles to please our social media needs.  “Texting gloves” or “fingerless gloves” as they’re now categorized, allow hands to stay warm and exposed.

As shown above, left, Overland Rabbit Trimmed Fingerless Gloves $39.99. Right, Rag & Bone Cashmere Fingerless mittens $150.

For texting, driving, or holding your morning latte, these fingerless gloves are sure to deliver warmth and functionality. For more gloves, click here.

The shorter days and longer nights are miserable, and below freezing temperatures are enough to make a girl want to stay under the covers and hibernate. Hopefully with these cute winter apparel finds, your commute (and mine) to and from the 9 to 5 will be a little bit better.

Let me know your favorite winter accessory in the comment section below!










3 thoughts on “Winter Layers

  1. Rosemarie says:

    My Uggs slippers…very diverse and so comfy. I wear them to work, to take out the garbage and around the house….they never get old 🙂


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